Our Digital Notebook offers a lot of benefits, one of which is greatly improving your lead qualification.

Various studies and articles suggest that qualifying your leads well can result in up to 50% more revenue opportunities (1) This can be understood as increasing the number of your leads by 50%, but we think of it as increasing your close ratio by 50%. Using our simplified calculator below, you can see what a 50% increase in your close ratio can do for your business.

But how can you be sure our Digital Notebook will help? Take a look at list of elements that play critical role during lead qualification and how we address these already:

Structured and consistent approachMeeting templates, qualification templates, space for preparatory notes and meeting agenda
ThoroughnessGuided note taking, meeting progress bars, red flags system
Asking right questionsCurated database of sales questions
Sales rep knowledgeDedicated space for sales materials (Customer FAQ, fight cards)
Visibility on collected dataMeeting PDF export, automatic CRM updates

With the above, your sales rep can’t do a bad job.

Enjoy more revenue!

  • Opportunities per quarter

  • Average value of an opportunity

  • Close ratio (in %)

  • Your current situation

  • Total opportunities a year

    Total value of all opportunities in a year


    Value of closed won deals a year

  • With our Digital Notebook

  • New improved close ratio


    Improved value of closed won deals a year


    Recovered revenue