Designed with user in mind

Although our Digital Notebook is loaded with features, it is designed for rapid adoption - no need for extensive training. Here are currently available features:

Rapid and guided note-taking

Take notes quickly and efficiently, without compromising the social aspect of the meeting. Never miss an important detail again.

Topic-based widgets

Develop your meeting structure for more consistency and repeatable success. Currently 13 different widgets to choose from and more to come.

Meeting Templates

Create meeting templates for even more control and automation. Also, use our qualification-focused templates (or develop your own) to identify the most promising prospects.

Scoring System

Get instant feedback on your performance during meetings. With this feature, you’ll be able to track and improve your meeting efficiency and quality, resulting in more successful sales.

Sales questions database

Comprehensive and constantly updated collection of relevant and effective sales questions. With this feature, you’ll never have to worry about running out of good questions to ask. It’s like having a personal sales coach at your fingertips. Currently over 170 questions.

Sales pitch support

Solution Presentation widget allows you to tailor your sales pitch to the specific needs and pain points of your prospects resulting in a stronger pitch and higher close rates.

FAQ and fight cards space

Easily access sales materials such as fight cards and customer Frequently Asked Questions to address customer concerns and objections with ease.

Calendar view

Calendar tab allows you to quickly view and manage your scheduled meetings in one convenient location.

Business card reader

Easily scan business cards and automatically upload the contact details to your CRM. Capture your leads even faster, especially during events such as conferences or trade shows.

Meeting PDF export

Easily collaborate and share notes with your teammates, keeping everyone in the loop, and without the hassle of manually compiling, formatting, or uploading your notes.

Integration with CRMs

Integration with CRM platforms allows you to automatically upload your notes to CRM and update deals, saving you time and eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Embedded best sales practices

From widgets through dropdowns to sales questions, the tool is packed with best sales practices so you can always feel confident and handle your meetings like a professional. Experienced sellers will appreciate it, people new to sales will love it.

Red flag system

Our Digital Notebook will automatically highlight collected information that requires clarification. This system will allow you to remember to address everything you need, before you commit to the next step.

Upcoming Features

Here are some of the other features we will be adding to our Digital Notebook shortly.

  • New widgets – – widgets focused on demo, upsell, and more
  • New qualification templates – more best sales practices to choose from
  • New integrations - for even faster adoption and automation
  • Insights – see unique statistics on the data you collect
  • Management module – a module for team managers allowing global changes
  • Storing contacts - for business users with no CRM
  • AI support
  • ... and more!